About Us

To Restore Craftsmanship

Homes are a vital part of our lives. However, they are not all created equal. At some point, all buildings need to be revitalized, changed, or updated. When that time comes, you want to make sure your investment is worth the time and money you will spend to transform your living space.

That's where we come in. Whether we are involved in the building, remodeling, or maintenance process our commitment to craftsmanship remains the same. We are committed to not only visual quality, but the durability of the materials we use and the techniques we use to apply them.

Why do we care?

We spend most of our time in a building of one sort or another. Our home can bring us rest from the chaos of our outside lives. A clean, well…constructed space can make that rest more fulfilling rejuvinating. We are committed to improving the world by improving people's lives by enhancing

the environments in which they live and work. If our work makes someone's life better, then we have accomplished our mission.

How are we different?

At PK Crew, we will never compromise our quality so we can get the job done faster and get out. We are committed to our quality standards and the assurance of a satisfied customer at the end of a job well done.


PK Crew

Ivins, Utah

(435) 252-1070